Q: When I input my code, it says that the code is not valid.  What should I do?

A: You are probably still using an old version of Artisan.  Please uninstall Artisan and then update to the latest version here.  Make sure you restart SketchUp after updating.

Q: I tried to update Artisan using the SketchUp Extension Manager and it said ‘Failed to update Artisan. Unable to read extension archive.’  What should I do?

A:  If your Artisan license is from the Extension Warehouse, make sure you are signed into SketchUp using the same Extension Warehouse account that you used to purchase.  If your Artisan license is from MindSight Studios Inc., you can not use the Extension Manager to install updates.  You must download and install updates manually from here.

Q. Help, I cannot find my license key!  What do I do?

A.  Click here to have your code resent.

Q. How do I transfer Artisan from my old SketchUp version to my new SketchUp version?

A. Do not attempt to copy the plugin from your old SketchUp version to your new SketchUp version.  Using your new SketchUp version, download Artisan from the Extension Warehouse by going to ‘Window->Extension Warehouse’ and searching for ‘Artisan’.

If you’d rather install manually, you can always download and install Artisan by following these instructions.

Q. Should I use the Extension Warehouse to download Artisan?

A. Yes!  The Extension Warehouse will always have the latest version of Artisan available.  You will also get notifications inside SketchUp when updates are released.  The Extension Warehouse also will also make it easy to transfer your plugins to the latest SketchUp version each time you upgrade.

Q.  I purchased Artisan but I have not received my license key.  What do I do?

A. First, check your spam or junk email folders.  Make sure that you are checking the correct email account.  Check the email account that was used to make the purchase through Paypal.  If you are unable to find it, click here to have it resent.

Q. Can I purchase multiple licenses for educational purposes at a discount?

A. Yes, but you must order at least 10 licenses.  Bulk educational licenses can be as low as $5 US each.  Contact us to place an order.

Q. Do you offer discount pricing for students?

A.  Yes, but you must first send a scanned student ID card.  Contact us for further details and pricing.

Q. Can I install Artisan on more than one computer?

A.  Yes, if you are an individual, you can install Artisan and register it on all the computers that you yourself own.  If you are a company or organization, you must purchase additional licenses for each computer that Artisan is installed and registered on.  Further details can be found in the end-user license agreement.

Q. What forms of payment do you accept?

A. We offer secure payment using Stripe (for major credit cards) or Paypal.  Our resellers may take other forms of payment.   See the resellers page for more information.

Q. Does Artisan work with my SketchUp version?

A. The current version of Artisan is compatible with SketchUp versions 2016 and up.  It works with both the free (Make) and Pro versions of SketchUp.  

Q. Do I need to purchase Artisan again after upgrading my SketchUp version?

A. No.  Your current license will never expire and is good for all future versions of SketchUp that are compatible with Artisan.

Q. Can I export geometry created with Artisan to another application?

A. Artisan produces normal SketchUp geometry so you can use the geometry or export it just the same as any other SketchUp entity.

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