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Crease Selection


The 'Crease Selection' feature of Artisan allows you to select any number of edges and faces in your model and perform creasing in one operation. For an overview of creasing, please review the 'Crease Tool' section of this manual.

Launching the Tool

The 'Crease Selection' tool is only available from the Artisan menu. Choose Tools->Artisan->Crease Selection to launch this feature.


  1. Select faces and edges in your model.
  2. Launch the tool
  3. Choose the operation (crease or uncrease)
  4. Choose the scope

The scope allows you to filter the entities for the operation. Creasing the boundary vertices is very useful if the boundary of the mesh must remain connected to other geometry that is not in the same context (as shown in the figure above)

Creasing Boundary Vertices

By creasing the boundary vertices, the interface between the mesh and the adjacent (out of context) surface will remain continuous even when performing sculpting and smoothing operations.

Sculpting with Creased Vertices

With the boundary vertices creased, sculpting and smoothing operations will not affect these vertices.