The crease tool allows you to 'mark' edges and vertices to be creased or locked. Marking the edges and vertices this way does nothing by itself. However, the behavior of OTHER tools may be affected. Tools that are affected by 'creasing' are as follows:

  • Subdivide and Smooth (creates a sharp edge or locks vertices in place)
  • Smooth Selection (creased edges will not be smoothed and creased vertices will be locked in place)
  • Sculpt Brush (creased vertices will be locked in place)

Launching the Tool

Click the Crease Tool icon from the Artisan toolbar or choose Tools->Artisan->Crease tool from the menu.


  1. Launch the tool
  2. Click on an edge to crease that edge. The edge will turn green while the tool is active to indicate that the edge is creased.
  3. Click on a vertex to crease that vertex. The vertex will be marked with a green cross to indicate that the vertex is creased.
  4. Click on a face to crease all edges of that face.
  5. SHIFT+click to uncrease.

The figure above shows a few examples of how creasing can affect the 'Subdivde and Smooth' tool.

For box 1, no edges are creased.
For box 2, all edges of the top face are creased. This creates a flat top surface with rounded corners in the sub-smoothed model.
For box 3, the two opposite edges of the top face are creased. This creased a hard edge at these locations.
For box 4, the top four vertices are creased. This locks the vertices in place.
For box 5, the top four vertices and edges are creased which creates a flat surface with sharp corners