The 'Extrude Tool' is a tool to help create clean geometry in the early stages of the modeling process. It is much like the Push/Pull tool except that it will create a loop of edges at the start of the operation. The advantage of the extrude tool is that it will not create interior faces like the Push/Pull tool does.

Launching the Tool

Click the Extrude Tool icon from the Artisan toolbar or choose Tools->Artisan->Extrude from the menu


  1. Launch the tool
  2. Click a face in the model
  3. Move the mouse away from the face to begin extruding
  4. Click again to complete the extrusion
  5. Click-dragging can also be used
  6. By keying-in a measurement after the first click, you can extrude the face a precise distance.

Extrude vs Push/Pull

When using the Push/Pull tool and pressing CTRL to toggle the creation of a new face, this new internal face results in messy non-manifold geometry that gives a poor result when using the Subdivide and Smooth tool.

Note: The extrude tool only works to Pull faces outwards. It cannot be used to Push a face inward.