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Knife Subdivide


The 'Knife' tool is used to make loop cuts through a model. Loop cuts are a sequence of edges that are all on the same plane and form a continuous loop. The advantage of using loop cuts is that clean geometry is created which will give better results when using the 'Subdivide and Smooth' tool.

Launching the Tool

Click the 'Knife Subdivide' icon from the Artisan toolbar or choose Tools->Artisan->Knife Subdivide from the menu.


  1. Set your SketchUp camera to parallel projection. Otherwise, you might get unexpected results.
  2. Draw a 'cut-line' as shown starting and ending outside of the model.

The Completed Cut

After completing the cut, examine the model to see the result.

Using Loop Cuts Effectively

Loop cuts are usually used in the early stages of subdivision modeling. The idea is to create loops and edges in areas where more detail will be required. Here, by using loop cuts, a rounded cube can be easily created.