This tool is used on a selection of vertices to align them to a common plane.

Launching the Tool

Click the 'Make Planar' icon from the Artisan toolbar or choose Tools->Artisan->Make Planar from the menu.


  1. Create a vertex selection by using the Vertex Select tool or by using the SketchUp selection tool.
  2. Launch the tool
  3. Select the desired plane from the dialog box
  4. Click OK and the vertices of the selection will be aligned to the chosen plane.


  • The 'Best' plane is the plane that best fits the selected vertices
  • Soft selected vertices can also be used with this tool

Make Planar using Soft Selection

In the figure above, the Select Brush tool was used to select a sequence of faces forming an 'S'. Then, the Vertex Select tool was used to transform the selection into a soft selection of vertices. Finally, the Make Planar tool was used to flatten the vertices to the XY plane.