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Reduce Polygons


The Reduce Polygons tool is used to optimize the number of polygons in a mesh.

Launching the Tool

Click the Reduce Polygons tool from the Artisan toolbar or choose Tools->Artisan->Reduce Polygons from the menu.


  1. Select the faces in the area that you wish to reduce.
  2. Launch the tool
  3. Choose the percent reduction. For example, if you choose 30%, the total number of polygons will be reduced by 30%


  • The mesh must be triangulated prior to reduction. Any faces that are not triangles will be automatically triangulated when the operation is performed.
  • The percentage of reduction refers to the number of triangles, not the number of faces. An individual face could be made up of many triangles.
  • This tool does not maintain material assignments.
  • The reduction operation may produce overlapping faces. One way to fix this issue is to apply the Sculpt Brush in 'smooth' mode in the area of overlapping faces.
  • The reduction operation may take several minutes.
  • It is suggested to reduce a mesh in several small increments (eg. 20%) instead of using one large value.
  • For better performance, use this tool by first selecting specific areas of a mesh using the Select Brush instead of selecting the entire mesh.
  • Free edges (border edges) will be maintained when using this tool.