What's New in Artisan 1.2?

The following features and improvements have been added in this version:

  • Multi-language support - Change the current language by going to Artisan->Settings->Language
  • Vertex Scale Tool - Scales the selection of vertices and operates with either normal selection or soft selection
  • Greatly enhanced performance of the sculpting brush. It should now be significantly easier to sculpt high-poly geometry.
  • Auto-smooth sculpting - Enable this setting by going to Artisan->Settings->Auto-smooth Sculpt. This setting will automatically smooth brush strokes from the sculpt brush (works in normal sculpt mode only).
  • You can now use the SHIFT modifier when sculpting (in sculpt mode) to constrain vertical deformation only
  • You can now use the SHIFT modifier when sculpting (in flatten mode) to constrain flattening to a horizontal plane
  • Sculpting strength can now be adjusted for the sculpt brush in pinch, smooth, and flatten modes
  • By sculpting in smooth mode with the strength vector reversed, jitter can be added to the vertices
  • By sculpting in flatten mode with the strength vector reversed, sharp peaks and valleys can be created
  • Smooth Selection and Subdivide and Smooth of selected faces is now more robust and can handle more difficult geometry without giving error messages to the user.
  • The sculpt tool in flatten mode now flattens vertices toward the plane of the first face clicked on
  • Vertices that have been creased now stay locked in place during sculpting operations
  • More options were added to the Crease Selection tool to allow creasing of boundary edges and vertices

The following issues and bugs have now been fixed:

  • Previously, the Vertex Rotate tool required a pre-selection of vertices. This is no longer the case. Similarly to the Vertex Move tool, you do not need to first select vertices prior to using this tool.
  • The SHIFT or CTRL keys can now be used to lock the protractor axis of the Vertex Rotate tool.
  • Previously, performance of Mac systems was reduced due to the number of status bar progress updates during some operations. This has now been fixed and Mac users should see better performance when using tools such as the Poly Reduction tool.
  • Previously if the user pushed the numeric zero key when using a Vertex Transformation tool, the soft selection mode would change. This bug is now fixed.
  • Previously, if the brush mirror plane was active, when changing the brush size by holding an arrow key and mouse-dragging, the mirrored brush cursor would move up or down. This has now been fixed.
  • The triangulation algorithm has been improved. This helps mainly during other operations which required pre-triangulation such as the Smooth Selection tool.
  • There was a bug where the soft selection and sculpt radius size would change when a different tool was selected. This should now be fixed.