Launching the Tool

Click the Sculpt Brush icon from the toolbar (or choose Tools->Artisan->Sculpt Brush from the menu) to launch the tool.


1. Ensure that you are in the proper editing context for the geometry you wish to sculpt. You cannot sculpt across the boundaries of groups and components.

2. Click and Drag across a highly subdivided mesh.

3. The Brush Radius determines the area that is influenced by the sculpting operation. There are several ways to adjust the radius:

  • Keying-in a measurement such as '10m'.
  • Tapping the left or right arrow keys (left to decrease, right to increase)
  • Holding the left or right arrow key down while dragging the mouse up or down

4. The Strength determines the amount of displacement and can also indicate the direction. If the arrow points away from the mesh, the displacement is 'normal'. If it points towards the mesh, the displacement direction is reversed. In the 'Sculpt' mode, the strength indicates the maximum amount of displacement but in other modes, it simply gives a visual cue for the strength and direction of the deformation. There are several ways to adjust to the strength:

  • Keying-in a measurement followed by the letter 's'. For example, keying in '10ms' will set the strength to 10 meters.
  • Tapping the up or down arrow keys (down to decrease, up to increase)
  • Holding the up or down arrow key while dragging the mouse up or down
  • Press the up and down arrow keys at the same time to reverse the displacement direction while keeping the same absolute strength value

5. Press the TAB key to cycle through the different sculpting modes (Sculpt, Smooth, Pinch, Inflate, and Flatten).

6. The current sculpt mode can also be changed using the right-click context menu.

7. If you have pre-selected any edges or faces prior to activating the sculpt brush, a 'sculpt mask' will be created. The sculpting operation will only affect the selected edges and faces. Press 'Escape' to clear the sculpt mask.

Additional Settings

In the 'Settings' dialog:

  • Soft Falloff Mode
  • Brush Mirror Plane
  • Sculpt Planar Lock
  • Auto-smooth Sculpt