The Select Brush is used to select faces in the model by dragging the mouse across them.

Launching the Tool

Click the Select Brush icon from the toolbar (or choose Tools->Artisan->Select Brush from the menu) to launch the tool.


1. Click and drag to select faces beneath the 'brush'

1. The Brush Radius determines the area of faces that may be selected by the brush. There are several ways to adjust the radius:

  • Keying-in a measurement such as '10m'.
  • Tapping the left or right arrow keys (left to decrease, right to increase)
  • Holding the left or right arrow key down while dragging the mouse up or down

2. Hold the SHIFT key while you click and drag to deselect faces

3. Press ESC to clear the selection.

Note: Only faces can be directly selected by the select brush.

Additional Settings

In the 'Settings' dialog:

  • Brush Mirror Plane