The Vertex Move tool is used to move a selection of vertices similarly to the native SketchUp Move tool.

Launching the Tool

Click the Vertex Move icon from the Artisan toolbar or choose Tools->Artisan->Vertex Move from the menu.


  1. Launch the tool
  2. If a SketchUp selection is currently active, it will be transformed into a vertex selection. For example, if a face was selected before launching the tool, all vertices of that face will become selected when the Vertex Move tool is launched.
  3. If there is no SketchUp selection currently active, the last vertex selection in memory will be loaded.
  4. Click the first reference point
  5. Click the second reference point to complete the move operation
  6. Press ESCAPE to clear the selection. If there is no selection, hovering the mouse over an entity will select it.


  • Hold SHIFT to move perpendicular (along average normal)
  • Hold the UP or DOWN arrows to constrain movement to the Z axis
  • Hold the RIGHT arrow to constrain movement ot the X axis
  • Hold the LEFT arrow to constrain movement to the Y axis
  • Hold CTRL to move along the current camera view plane
  • Press TAB to toggle between hard and soft selection modes