The Vertex Select tool allows you to select vertices as a hard or soft selection so that they can be transformed using the other vertex transformation tools (move, rotate, scale, make planar)

Launching the Tool

Click the 'Vertex Select' icon from the Artisan toolbar or choose Tools->Artisan->Vertex Select from the menu.


  1. Launch the tool
  2. If a SketchUp selection is currently active, it will be transformed into a vertex selection. For example, if a face was selected before launching the tool, all vertices of that face will become selected when the Vertex Select tool is launched.
  3. If there is no SketchUp selection currently active, the last vertex selection in memory will be loaded.
  4. Click a vertex, face, or edge to create a new vertex selection
  5. Click-drag to window-select vertices
  6. Hold SHIFT and click to toggle selection
  7. Hold CTRL and click to add to the selection
  8. Hold CTRL+SHIFT and click to remove from the selection
  9. Press TAB to toggle between hard and soft selection modes
  10. Press ESCAPE to clear the selection

The Radius determines the area that is influenced by the soft selection operation. There are several ways to adjust the radius:

  • Keying-in a measurement such as '10m'.
  • Tapping the left or right arrow keys (left to decrease, right to increase)
  • Holding the left or right arrow key down while dragging the mouse up or down

Additional Settings

In the 'Settings' dialog:

  • Soft Falloff Mode